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Meat Packing Facilities

Location: Nationally
Client: Brawley Beef, Fresno Beef, Washington Beef
Building Type: Type II
Construction: Steel framed

These Meat plants, with various locations across the US—including a superior facility owned by National Beef—consist of steel-framed roofs and house a large quantity of equipment. Facility operations reflect robust growth; Enayat Schneider Smith Engineering, Inc. has the expertise needed to design new facilities and implement plant expansion and modernization plans accordingly. From a commercial perspective, our experience affords us a vast array of food processing knowledge; and we continue to research and develop material configurations proven to delight owners with sanitary, easy-to-clean facilities that support food sales. With respect to the National Beef facility, specifically, this project was unique due to the facility's Southern California location: a hotbed of seismic activity that dictated lateral design forces in the range of 76% of vertical loads.

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