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Vida at Sloan's Lake

Location: Denver, CO
Client: Denver Housing Authority
Architect: Parikh Stevens Architects
Size: 7 Story, 176 Units, 200,000 SF
Building Type: I/II-A 7 story
Construction: Composite CFS 6 over 1 PT podium & underground parking

This senior-friendly building not only contains 176 apartment units and a community center, but also a convenient on-site dialysis clinic for those in need. Construction features seven levels of non-proprietary panelized light-gauge steel framing with long span composite metal deck flooring. Maintaining a non-proprietary system allowed for completive bidding of the project and the panelized system allowed for fast construction. Also aiding in the speed of construction was the long span deck flooring which was designed to not need shoring, eliminating time and costs associated with normally shored floors. The long span deck also eliminated the need for joist framing and the overall 6.5” deep floor system allowed for a reduction in building height while maintaining 10ft floor to floor levels. Lastly, the decking and wall studs were aligned to eliminate the need for heavy gauge or structural steel top tracks on all the bearing walls. Shear walls were eliminated by utilizing the stair and elevator core walls for our lateral system.

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