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Our structural engineering services include:

  • Full service structural design and specifications for new buildings

  • Post-tension parking structures

  • Post-tension concrete design of elevated slabs and slab on grade systems

  • Forensic analysis of existing structures related to structural failures 

  • Expansion of existing facilities 

  • Seismic analysis and retrofit design of existing buildings

  • Structural feasibility analysis of existing facilities

  • Structural site observation and reports

  • Exterior wall systems and curtain walls

  • Wrap projects

  • Mixed-use buildings

  • Mid-rise buildings

  • Wrap projects

  • Podium projects

  • Type III modified

  • Senior housing

We use the latest structural analysis and design software to achieve cost-effective solutions, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) in both Revit and Bentley platforms.

Our Mission

Enayat Schneider Smith's mission is to execute cost-efficient and practical solutions in structural engineering design. With a passion for innovation, we balance the ever-evolving demands of the construction world with an emphasis on workplace safety and effective time management. Our diverse and experienced staff are committed to the quality you deserve and dependability you can count on. Above all, however, we approach our work from a place of honesty, respect and integrity—with core values that steer our decisions as we strive to deliver top-notch client service. Rounding out our business model, cutting-edge designs and competitive prices are additional hallmarks of the Enayat Schneider Smith way.

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